The objectives of the project are:

  1. develop a new open-source platform that provides supervised and interactive group exercise sessions (synchronous or asynchronous), encouraging participation in sport and physical activity;
  2. create an online educational tele-exercise course to encourage sports education.

The "TELEexe4ALL" platform will be used to:

- organise synchronous tele-exercise sessions for the general and special population and for athletes with and without disabilities;

- broadcast asynchronous tele-exercise sessions for target groups and athletes;

- organise online competitions for athletes with and without disabilities;

- address horizontal priorities through tele-exercise by creating short video messages to promote social inclusion, the environment and climate change.

An advanced training course in tele-exercise will be offered to fitness instructors to broaden the spectrum of professionals able to move their programmes from in-person to home-based interventions.

In addition, the partnership will set standards for tele-exercise for general/special populations and athletes, generating scientific articles and white papers.

Five events will be organised to amplify dissemination, inviting external experts, decision makers, stakeholders, etc.

"TELEexe4ALL" will last 24 months.


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